Graduation Stories: Tales from the Class of 2020


Graduation Stories: Tales from the Class of 2020

By Julie Schweitzer

Graduation, Class of 2020, we thought… Our older daughter graduated in 2017, so we have been through this before. We’ve attended countless other graduation parties. The food, pictures, decorations, we know what we are doing!

We started planning. After talking with Lauren, we booked a caterer. The tent, tables and linens were all ordered. We designed Lauren’s graduation invites and then life threw us a curve ball. That curve ball was Covid-19. Our planning came to a halt.

The likelihood that we will need to postpone our daughter’s grad party came after several cancelations and expected disappointments. We missed a trip to Nuevo Vallarta, with my daughter’s friends. She will no longer go to DECA Internationals, in Nashville; Prom is questionable, along with Wayzata’s Class of 2020 graduation ceremony and the all-night party.

Even though this year will be different and not at all what we pictured for the spring of our daughter’s senior year. We still feel compelled to celebrate her many years of hard work and success. The photographer has her grad cards on hold, as we may need to adjust the date. The other party supplies and food may also need to be altered. The graduation party we planned to have may turn into a send-off. Either way, we want our daughter to know just how proud we are of her and how much we look forward to watching her continue to grow and thrive. Whether it’s the end of thirteen years of hard work or the start of something new, it will be a celebration to remember!

Graduation Class of 2020

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