Decor for the Win

Trying to bring the Décor trends from 2020 into the party you’ll want to check out some of these trends

Then and Now Centerpieces

(a pic from then and a pic from now) Incorporate the two so guests have something to talk about while mingling with others. These photos are great conversation starters.


Order a school-specific Cornhole or Jenga game.

Globe guest book

Have guests sign a Globe for where they will be and the grad can take it along on their travels.

Hashtags are everything

#Alexandergrad2020 #capandgown2020 #wevegotthediploma2020
Make up your own hashtags and make sure people tag the photos during and after your party!

Snapchat filters

It is easy to create a custom filter for your event. Go to to find out how.

Donut Word Walls

Pick your word for the wall and fill it up with donuts. GRAD, PARTY, FUN, MN, the list goes on.

Confetti Balloons

Incorporate as decor with school colors in them and it will be a hit!
*(Party tip: make sure to pop them someplace it will be easy to pick up the confetti).

Grad Selfie Wall

Photos, of course, are the rage, so put up a grad selfie wall and have your guests start snapping
*(side note, custom photo props are easy to order and to create or save time and have a professional do it for you).

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