Hosting a Grad Party in (gasp)… July?!


Hosting a Grad Party in (gasp)… July?!

June is grad party month and it only makes sense that everyone has their High School grad party the same month, right? Well, not necessarily. In fact, some are now choosing to have their grad parties in July.  Below are 5 reasons you may want to consider doing the same: 

5 Benefits to having a July Grad Party

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1. Better and longer attendance. It’s a lot easier to get people to show up and stick around for more than 15 minutes when you are not competing with 20 other parties on the same Saturday in June. 

2. Less wasted food. The higher the attendance, the more people will show up to eat all that food you paid for (or spent hours laboring over). In other words, you’re less likely to be stuck with a fridge full of pulled pork and deli sandwiches for the next 2 months or wind up throwing it out. 

3. Higher odds of getting the exact party rental equipment you want.  Whether it’s because you didn’t reserve early enough, or you just chose the hottest item of the year (i.e. soft serve ice cream machine, inflatable movie screen), there is a lot better chance of equipment availability in July than June. It’s a supply and demand thing. June is demanding and no party rental store has an infinite supply, especially of specialty items. 

4. June is the rainiest month of the year. Though April showers may bring May flowers, June is still the rainiest month of the year in the Twin Cities. Now, of course, July is still among the top 3; you’re still statistically less likely to have rain on your party day in July vs June.  According to the MN DNR, June of 2014 was the wettest month in Minnesota’s modern history.

5. More memorable to your guests? Now, this reason is certainly debatable as a memorable party can be created in any given month and many will be this June as they are every year. However, do the memory math, if you attended 15 events for 15 minutes each on back to back Saturday and Sundays in June vs. 1 or 2 on a lazy Sunday in July, which events do you think you’d remember more?

By Chris Pederson, Highway 55 Party Rental

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